Plan Your Daughter's Wedding Shower with Love

Whether you are hosting your daughter's her wedding shower, going to surprise her or collaborate with her maid of honor and bridesmaids, the thought of planning such a special event can be fun and perhaps a bit overwhelming.  Don’t stress, we are here to help!  The best start when planning a wedding shower is to give yourself plenty of time to get organized, invite others to save the date and make a checklist of to-do’s.  

Pick the Perfect Theme

Choosing a theme for the shower is a great way to organize and integrate everything else to come ! Think about what makes your daughter so special, her loves and interests, and what would delight and surprise her. Themes can be inspired by the brides "favorites" like colors, or the seasons, activities or even the choice of place to host the shower.

Trending in 2022 are themes like the popular and outdoor Bridgerton Garden Party, Backyard Bliss Tea Party & Tropical Oasis! My personal favorite is the French romance themes that pay homage to all things Parisian and the city of light. These themed showers are great ways to serve French wines, cheeses and delicious macaroons! 

Some wedding themes tie into the actual showering of gifts, like the popular Bride's Kitchen Shower or Bride's Wardrobe Shower.

After you select a shower theme, you can choose the two to three colors and style that delight your daughter. Still not sure? A fail-safe approach is to compliment the tone and theme she has selected for the wedding itself. 

Got a theme? Great!

Now the most fun part of the planning can begin!

Let's start with selecting invitations, deciding cute wedding themed desserts to order and planning décor for the shower.  Don’t forget that it’s okay, and even encouraged, to appoint some of these tasks to the maid or honor and bridesmaids!  Not only can they take some of the to-do’s off your plate but they can also lend a modern viewpoint on wedding shower planning. 


There are so many different design choices for invitations that it can sometimes be hard to narrow down the options and choose just one.  Below are some invitation ideas based on popular 2022 wedding themes. Just make sure to send them well in advance so guests can plan travel accordingly. Think about an option for guests to attend virtually as well ! Include gift registration info and RSVP date one month earlier than the shower date. is great for finding theme-specific invites or templates. If you're creative, try designing something yourself with an easy-to-use online tool like!

An invitation with pastels, lace and a pretty wrapping works well for brides who like a traditional, classic wedding style.


Food & Drink:

Even if you don’t plan to have a full menu at the wedding shower, there should still be some delectable things for the guest to snack on.  Small appetizers and desserts are practical, easy to order or make, and can be wedding themed if that’s something your bride wants!

Fruit is a party staple. Get creative by putting it on tiered trays.

If you need inspo, try to design the food around the theme! Delicate Macaroons and finger sandwiches are perfect for a Parisian event. They're so pretty they can double as decor! 

Mini premade salads are cute, classy, and easy to hold and eat while mingling with the guests.

Filling beverage dispensers with different drinks saves space and adds style to the wedding shower.

Consider having a bubbly bar at the shower!  A bubbly bar is a mini bar set up with champagne or other alcohol, yummy mixers like different fruit juice, and glasses or champagne flutes.  This allows guests to customize their drinks how they like them and the bar can be set up in so many different ways to match the bride’s style.


The décor works best if it is a reflection of the shower theme you selected.  There are so many places that décor can be purchased, but it can also be fun to select 1-2 high impact DIY projects to add a personal touch.

Trending for 2022 Showers - Popular Pinks!

We love wedding fabrics and tulle! Stylize balloons to be wedding shower ready by wrapping tulle (found at the craft store) over top and then tie it up with satin ribbon.

Another option to keep balloons feeling fresh and trendy vs. childish is by ordering oversized, round balloons or pastel colors. You can also find DIY kits for climbing balloon installations.

Not the most crafty? Host the event outside and you'll often need to spend less time dressing up a stuffy, traditional ballroom. Another option is to rent out a private room at a cute, local restaurant! Staff will help you make the planning process a breeze.

An entrance sign sets the tone at the venue (whether it be your house, a restaurant, or a party hall) to welcome guests and amp the excitement before they even walk in the doors.

Having the wedding date count down as a decoration personalizes the shower.

Easily DIYed, a cards and gifts sign is useful for guests and bride.  This ensures there is a designated section for cards and gifts which is great way to keep organized.

Sentimental Gifting:

Your bride will indeed be showered with all kinds of items ~ plan to keep track of them so guests can be properly thanked after the big event with personalized notes and messages.

A gift from mom is extra special!

Surprise your daughter with a one of kind sentimental bridal accessory made from you own wedding dress! Chances are your own dress (or a family member's wedding dress from days gone by) is stored in a big box in a closet or attic. These sentimental garments have yards of stain and lace embellishments while out of style, can be transformed and upcycled into very beautiful family heirlooms your daughter will cherish forever! A bridal bouquet wrap and ringbearer pillow is a sweet and sentimental addition to any bride's wedding.

Check out this Getting Ready Day Bridal Robe made from a mom's original wedding dress, circa 1980! 

Trust the Graceful Sewers at Unbox the Dress to help you plan to shower your daughter with the one gift she'll keep forever ! 

One of Kind Gifting

Help your daughter take care of her own wedding dress after the big day with a care, repair and storage plan from Save the Dress.
She may want to upcycle the dress fabrics into modern beautiful   Anniversary Collection garments or perhaps a christening gown when the time is right!
Save the Dress today and redesign tomorrow!


Planning your daughter's wedding shower can be special and rewarding. Celebrate her and the love of family and friends with confidence.

Happy Planning !