Over 10,500 women have trusted us to transform their wedding dresses.

Step One
Tell us about your dress and what you want it to become.

The process starts with our design quiz. Tell us a bit about your dress and what you hope to make from it. We'll use your answers to suggest a range of personalized products and start building the Wishlist you'll discuss with your consultant. (Click the heart icons for the products you like!)

No matter how old, how short, or how simple – we can transform any dress into something truly special.

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Step Two
Ship your dress to us in our super-secure DressBox.

If you know what you'd like to have made, simply add to cart and checkout.

Not sure? Add designs to your digital wishlist by tapping the heart icon and order your DressBox.

We'll ship you a reusable DressBox with a preprinted return label. Just slip your dress inside and send it back our way.

Our optional DressBox is waterproof, lockable and fully insured - and typically less than direct shipping your dress.

Step Three
Meet with your designer to plan your dress transformation.

Once we receive your dress, we'll contact you to schedule your design consultation. Your designer will work with you to review your order or your digital Wishlist. You'll finalize your product selections, and get started on your transformation.

Want to spotlight a certain embellishment? Worried you won't have enough fabric for your vision? Your designer will work through all of your questions and concerns and you'll leave the consultation knowing exactly what we're doing with your dress.

Step Four
Grab a tissue and get ready to unbox your dress!

After about 10 weeks of production (after your Design Consultation) you will receive your new products to unbox. Don't forget to have a camera ready – we guarantee you won't want to miss this moment!

Step Five
Transform your remaining fabric when you're ready.

Didn't use every bit of your dress?

The purchase of your DressBox includes 6 months of extra fabric safekeeping at our studio! You can dive right in to making more keepsakes, or rest easy knowing your fabric is safe until you're ready.

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