Museum Quality Wedding Gown Storage

The Modern Method for Gown Care

Wedding Gowns stored in old-school preservation chests at home are susceptible to the following damaging elements:

Water damage from moisture, flooding Permanent damage from creasing Yellowing from heat, plastic fumes, an inability for the fabric to "breathe" Insects or pests

With the Archival Museum Method used at Save the Dress, dresses and accessories are stored in muslin garment bags on specialty hangers and prepped using highest-quality acid-free packaging materials. Our team will also add removable straps to properly reinforce the dress for hanging storage.

Many museum conservators discourage vacuum-sealing wedding gowns in acid-free boxes, since sealing promotes mold and mildew, gives the fabric permanent creases and eliminates your ability to regularly inspect your gown.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Gown Cleaning & Care


When you choose to have your wedding gown cleaned & preserved with our team, you can rest easy knowing you've made the most environmentally-friendly choice available.

Our team will use a combination of hand- cleaning, spot-treatments and steam-cleaning based on the fabric of your dress.

If dry cleaning is required, we will NEVER use perchloroethylene (PEC or PERC)

Your dress will never be batch-cleaned in chemical baths - a strategy used by many local dry cleaners!

Hanging Storage is flexible, creates less waste, and makes it easy to transform your dress into heirlooms when you're ready.

Let's Save Your Wedding Dress!

1. Pick your package

2. Send us your dress.
(Bring your dress and provided label to any FedEx to ship it to our studio free of charge.)
3. Your dress is cleaned and restored.
(The Graceful Sewers hand-repair areas of damage and email you your Dress Condition Report.)
4. The Dress Enters Museum Quality Storage.
(Your dress can be returned to you at any time, or transferred to our heirloom creation team to be made into more than 30+ designs!)

Storage Only

  • Preservation
  • Storage.

$9.99/monthly storage
or $99/year (20% discount)

Select payment option:


  • Cleaning
  • Repair/Restoration
  • Preservation
  • Storage

$298.00 Cleaning & Repair
(includes 1 year of free storage)

Select payment option:

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