Wedding Gown Preservation & Care


Finally, post-wedding gown care that's better for you, your dress, and the environment.

You searched until you found "the one", and then said "I do" on the most perfect day. Now it's time to clean, repair and store your wedding dress so you can enjoy it for years to come. Hint - no bulky preservation boxes required! View our Packages.

Let's Save Your Wedding Dress!

Pick your package.
Send us your dress.
(Free in-bound shipping via FexEx!)
Your dress is cleaned and restored.
The Dress Enters Museum Quality Storage.

The Preservation Box Myth

Saving your dress in the Unbox the Dress Amoire Facility has more benefits than simply creating some much-needed closet space. It's better for your dress and the environment. Learning more about museum-quality storage.

Heirlooms Made From Your Dress

Why trust the experts from Unbox the Dress with your post- wedding gown care?
When the time is right, it is simple to redesign your wedding gown into heirloom-quality gifts for your family.

It's Time To Rescue Your Wedding Dress

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