What to do With Your Wedding Dress After the Big Day

From easy, boho-chic separates a la BLDN to sexy Pnina Tornai silhouettes, today’s bride has more choices than ever when it comes to her wedding gown style. Naysayers who argue against investing a big chunk of the bridal budget in the gown of often cite one, main age-old argument – but you’ll only wear it once!

Well, consider yourself armed with a new idea that will stop them dead in their logical tracks.

Wedding dresses are no longer just for wearing one day!

Post nuptials, instead of paying hundreds of dollars to clean and preserve their gown, forward-thinking brides are embracing the dress makeover. (Who doesn’t love a good makeover, am I right?) With the help of Unbox the Dress, newlyweds can put the beauty of a bridal gown on display, forgoing the ancient tradition of the big, dusty box in the closet.

Still unsure of what it would mean to undergo a dress makeover? Let us take you through the redesign options most often selected by our young clients.

  1. A Robe – Who says you can only feel fancy on your wedding day? Turn the silky or flouncy fabrics of your gown – along with the glamourous embellishments and lace – into a robe that’s 2 parts classic and 1 part sexy. Perfect for romantic getaways and primping on special occasions, this one-a-kind piece is guaranteed to replace your collection of floral robes with “BRIDESMAID” embroidered on the back.
  2. A Christening Gown – Cue the cuteness. Even if brides don’t have a bun in oven, many will opt to spend the money creating a one-of-a-kind gown that they’ll cherish in the future. For those who are less religious, a tutu and headband is a popular option.
    Christening Gown
  3. Pillows, pillows, pillows! – Your new husband or partner may think you’ve already reached the decorative – pillow limit, but how can you argue against something that’s so sentimental? It’s more practical than hauling around The Big Box each time you move apartment or houses. Our favorites preserve the look of the bodice of a dress so you can re-live your big day every morning.
  4. Guardian Angels – These little cuties have quickly become one of the most popular design options for our clients of all ages. They’re easy to add-on to your design plan, and make the perfect gift. Make your mom cry at Christmas, pass one down to your future kiddos and have an adorable addition to your first married Christmas tree. Everyone wins!
    Guardian Angels

Even for brides who don’t pay for the cleaning and the preservation box, a big wedding gown can take up a lot of space. A recent client brought in her wedding gown – a sliver beaded bodice and a flouncy ballgown skirt which had been hanging in a bag for two years. “It’s taking up half of our closet!” she said.  “Plus I’ll always have the pictures.”

We’re working on some pillows and a surprise for her daughter right now. Will your wedding gown makeover be next? Get shopping!