Wedding Dress Redesign - How it Works

Welcome! We are so happy you're here! Our team would be honored to help you redesign your family wedding dress into heirloom quality gifts. We've redesigned hundreds of dresses and worked with clients from all over the country - we can't wait to hear more about your story! Here's how our professional wedding dress redesign process works. 

1. Get Inspired

Unbox the Dress offers more than 30 different designs for gifts you can create from the fabric of your dress. Check out our gallery page or see our product listings to get some ideas. 

2. Take the Quiz

Ready to learn what can be made from your dress? Take our fun and easy quiz and follow our prompts to place your initial order. (You can always add on later!)

3. Ship Us Your Dress

Next, ship your dress to our Graceful Design Studio™ studio using any major carrier. More info can be found here!

4. Design Consultation

A member of our team will reach out to set up your phone consultation where we will answer any questions and make recommendations on your dress redesign before we begin. This is your chance to make special requests!

5. The Redesign Begins

Here's where the *magic* happens, as our talented Graceful Sewers carefully deconstruct your dress and redesign its best fabrics and embellishments into the products you have selected. The process takes 4-6 weeks from the time of your design call.

6. Unbox Your Collection!

Return shipping is free! Any leftover fabric can be returned, or stored with us for future use. Have more questions?  Check out our FAQs or contact us!