How many products can I make with my dress?

This depends on the size and design of your original gown. To give you a better idea, simply visit our Dress Redesign Studio

How do I know that I’ll have enough fabric for the products I choose?

Our Dress Redesign Studio will help you make sure you have enough fabric for all your desired designs. You may be prompted to buy additional fabric credits depending on your desired order.

Upon receipt of your dress, our design consultants will review your order to ensure there is enough quality fabric and embellishments to complete your redesign plan. We will reach out if we foresee any problems! 

What happens if there’s extra fabric?

During your design consultation, we’ll let you know if we anticipate having a large amount of additional fabric, in which case you may want to consider adding an additional few smaller design options. We are happy to return unused fabric with your finished order upon request for the cost of shipping. 

Or, if you'd like to store the remaining fabric from your wedding dress with us until the future, simply see our new service, Save the Dress 

What pieces will you use from my dress?

Our designers will use the highest quality and most unique embellishments, lace and fabric when creating your new keepsakes. The lining and body of the dress is often used to create the lining of any garments or gifts. Our goal is to reflect the original dress' unique design features and design in your finished products! We will discuss the design and your ideas/input during your design call after your dress arrives at our studio. 

How long does the process take?

From the time of your design call after your dress arrives at the studio, it will take 6 weeks until your customized collection is returned to you. Should you need it sooner, please call us to discuss express orders for an additional cost. 

If you need your redesigns for an important event, we suggest ordering at least 3 months in advance if possible!

Do you only use materials from my dress?

Our designers will use new thread, zippers, clasps or hardware when necessary to complete your custom designs. It’s our goal to capture as much of the original gown as possible! If additional supplementary fabric is needed, your design consultant will let you know.

What if my dress has discoloration or damage?

Depending on your product selection and the degree of damage to the original gown, we will most likely be able to work around it. In some cases however, a dry cleaning fee may be applied and this will delay the length of production time. In a few rare cases, we reserve the right to return your original dress to you if the damage is extreme (in which case you'll be refunded in full.) 

What if I don’t care for the end product?

Our online catalog is designed to give you the clearest idea of what your end product will look like. Our designers are also highly experienced, and committed to providing the highest quality craftsmanship. Due to the custom nature of our business however, we are unable to accept returns or provide refunds at this time.  

Should I have my dress dry cleaned in advance?

If your dress has not been stored in a closed box, or is starting to yellow, having it professionally dry cleaned will yield a more lovely set of end products. However, this is not required. The antique nature of many of the dresses we work with are what create such special, unique sets of end products. 

Who will be working on my dress?

Our Graceful Sewers are the best in the business!  Collectively they have hundreds of years of experience and have altered thousands of wedding gowns. They've also created children’s clothing, formal wear and accessories from scratch! Our team is passionate about giving vintage bridal gowns a new life.

Meet the team here! 

Our Graceful Sewers Manual ensures that all final designs meet our high quality standards. 

Do you transform dresses other than wedding gowns?

Wedding gowns of all styles are at the heart of what we do. If you have a specific vision to transform a different vintage garment, please contact us for more information. 

Where can I see more examples of your work?

Visit or see our gallery to check out all the exciting, emotional #dressmakeovers happening at Unbox the Dress everyday!

Have more questions? Call us at 330-203-1256 or email us at to talk with a member of our team! 

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