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The Basics
How long does the dress transformation process take?

Once we receive your dress at our studio, we'll set up your Design Consultation.

After finalizing your order during our Design Consultation, we'll get to work. In about 10 weeks, you'll be able to unbox your beautifully transformed products.

Every transformation is truly one of a kind and we want to give yours the time and attention it deserves. With that in mind, we recommend starting the transformation process at least 3 months in advance of any specific event or occasion.

If you are interested in rush production for a tight deadline, please contact our team before you place your order to ensure we can meet your expectations! In some fast turnaround cases, a rush fee will apply.

How do I order products?

It’s easy to add your preferred designs to the cart and check out. Don't forget to add your DressBox - the secure shipping container makes sending in your dress easy. It will arrive at your address with packing instructions and a prepaid return label.

Want us to review your dress before placing an order? Simply order the DressBox and save potential designs to your Digital Wishlist by tapping the heart icon. We'll review your Wishlist together and place your order.

What is a DressBox? Do I need one?

Our DressBox is a waterproof, lockable, reusable shipping container designed to keep your dress safe as it makes its way to our studio. We provide a pre-addressed mailing label, so all you have to do is slip your dress into the DressBox and send it our way.

The $100 DressBox fee covers shipping and insurance, your design consultation - and 6 months of fabric safekeeping so you can make more over time. It is often more affordable than traditional shipping methods.

How do I book a design consultation?

Once we receive your dress, we'll send an email inviting you to schedule your Design Consultation. You'll work with your designer to finalize your design plan and order your products, or record your design preferences.

What happens to my extra fabric?

The cost of your DressBox includes 6 months of fabric safekeeping at our studio so you can make more over time.

If you need additional time you can take advantage of our fabric preservation and storage services.

When your redesign is complete, you're welcome to donate remaining material to our team.

How do I know if my dress will work?

We're able to make several beautiful heirloom products from just about any dress. And our supplemental fabric offering makes it easy to maximize the transformation of heavily damaged or low fabric dresses.

The best way to know what's possible is to start with our Design Quiz. We'll ask some questions about your dress and your dreams and suggest some products that we're confident will work.

How do I ship my dress?

The easiest way to start your transformation is ordering our secure DressBox. We'll send it right to your address and include a pre-addressed return label, so all you have to do is slip your dress inside.

You can also send in your dress directly to Unbox the Dress, 4410 Providence Ln, Suite M, Winston Salem, NC 27103. However, you must place an order in advance of sending in your dress. Please include your name and order number.

What if my dress has discoloration or damage?

Slight discolorations and yellowed fabric are very common in older wedding dresses. Depending on the degree of damage to the original gown, we can usually find a way to work around it. In some cases, however, your consultant may recommend dry cleaning for an added cost to improve the end result of your transformation.

Please note that if any insects are found in the dress or packaging, the dress must be dry cleaned for an added fee before it enters our studio. Our team will let you know and assist you if this is the case.

Does my dress need to be cleaned before sending?

For the most lovely set of end products, we request that you send us a clean wedding dress. If your dress was saved in a preservation chest and looks visibly clean, it does not need to be cleaned again.

You can also choose to have our fabric care team hand-treat or eco-dry clean the dress for a $85 fee.

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