Frequently Asked Questions

More Modern Wedding Dress Care and Storage

The Unbox the Dress® team is happy to offer our clients modern, museum-quality materials and storage methods to safely preserve and store wedding dress and specialty fabrics.

Every bride wants to save and care for her wedding dress so it can be ready for the day she wants to redesign it into heirloom quality gifts for loved ones.

1. How Does the Save the Dress Service Protect My Dress Fabric?

When storing your remaining wedding dress material, our Graceful Sewers apply our expert “white glove” care and repair treatment as well as use industry-best preservation materials. Your dress can be cleaned, repaired and then stored in our climate controlled and secure storage facility. This will properly prepare and protect your dress from potential elements often found at home, for example sun damage, dust, mold, mildew, pests, water damage, and general yellowing over time.

Even old model dry-cleaning and boxed storage can permanently crease and damage fabrics, causing yellowing of lace and satin without proper aeration.

2. How will my Wedding Dress Fabric be Stored?

Most dress fabrics are properly stored in hanging muslin-garment bag designed  for wedding dresses. Smaller amounts of fabric and lace may be carefully wrapped and packaged in archival tissues. Together museum-quality garment preservation materials and storage methods ensure you dress will be preserved in ideal conditions, protected from exposure to the elements that will age and yellow fabric and lace. 

3. Can I also Store my other Bridal Accessories? 

The storing of any veil, headpiece, slip or bridal accessories is included in your Save the Dress subscription!

4. When I'm ready to Create Additional Heirloom Products from my dress fabric, what do I do?

Customers can start the dress redesign process at any time free of charge. Simply let our team know when you are ready and we will start the fun, exciting redesign process with you! Any remaining fabrics are simply returned to storage or can be shipped to you upon request, for the cost of shipping to your specific location.

4. How do I cancel my service? What will happen to my fabric?

Save the Dress services are billed either monthly for short term flexibility or annually for convenience. You will be notified 30 days prior to your annual billing.

Customers can cancel the service at that time. If you’d like to have your fabric returned to you, a $40 processing fee will apply. The dress will be returned to your address of choice for the cost of shipping or the dress can be donated at that time.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us HERE.