Supporting Brides During COVID-19

Every day we work with mothers who happily redesign their own wedding gowns into gifts to celebrate the marriage of their daughters. It’s an unspoken way of showing the bride-to-be that they are cherished, loved, and on to a beautiful new phase of their life. 

We also work with brides who carefully and thoughtfully take the time to integrate the fabrics of their mothers, grandmothers and sisters dresses into their wedding accessories. These special touches send a message: “Everything I am today is because of you. I carry you with me now and always.”

Weddings are more than party. We know how much planning and thoughtfulness goes into every detail as couples work hard to show gratitude to those who have helped them on their journey to find one another.

For all the brides and couples who have had to change, postpone or cancel plans due to COVID-19 – our hearts are with you. We know you’re making painstaking decisions and having difficult conversations. We know many of you have had to delay your dreams for the time being to help protect those who are at risk.

Your day as the bride will come. Stay patient, strong and know that when you finally say “I do” – the stress of 2020 will make the moment seem even sweeter.

We want to do everything we can to help, so our team is proud to introduce a special incentive program for any bride who has had to delay her wedding due to COVID-19. Please send us a photo of your original wedding invitation and proof of your cancellation/postponement and we’ll respond with a personalized code for this special wedding item!

• A complementary Bridal Veil (a $385 value)

Valid for new customers with a minimum purchase $150.

If you wish to participate in this program please send your email with your original wedding invitation and proof of postponement to

As we continue to move forward, we can hold true to what’s constant – the love across generations of family. Our team is honored to pay a small role in showcasing your unique family story in the creation of your one-of-a-kind heirlooms. With love, Grace Rojek & The Unbox Team