Talking Wedding Dress Redesign with Seamstress Judy

wedding dress redesign

Unbox the Dress empowers women to repurpose their wedding dresses into gifts and keepsakes. We understand that a wedding dress redesign is an emotional process -- our client’s dresses are precious and one-of-a-kind! For that reason, we work with only the best seamstresses in the industry when creating our signature products.

 Our special “Graceful Sewer,” Judy Webb from Massillon, OH, has been with us since the company’s beginning. Her sharp skills, creative eye and big heart make her a special member of our team. We sat down with Judy to discuss her time with Unbox the Dress. 

1.  How long have you been a seamstress working in the industry?

Judy's grandmother inspired her and taught her how to sew more than 50 years ago. She said, “I have always loved it and had a passion for it since I was a little girl.”  Out of her and her 8 siblings, she is the only who grew a loving for sewing. She started off sewing outfits for her little dolls, then took sewing classes in home ec in high school. Later she worked in a bridal shop, and has since made two wedding gowns -- one being her own daughters!

She started working with Grace Rojek, the founder of Unbox the Dress, since before the company’s website officially launched in January 2017. She responded to a job posting and after meeting over coffee and doing a test project, Judy has been a “Graceful Sewer” ever since!

2.  What is your favorite thing to work on in general and at Unbox the Dress?

“Creating my own daughter’s wedding dress was so special, and one of my favorite pieces ever!”, she said. She also enjoys the I Do Wedding Day Robes because she “has it down" like second nature to her now.

It’s difficult for Judy to select her favorite Unbox the Dress design favorite because, “they are all so beautiful in their own way!” She said, “I could sit back in my sewing room for hours. I love to work on beautiful things.”

3. What do you find to be the most challenging?

Working with new patterns and making each item unique are the most challenging aspects of her job. She loves working on the same designs over and over because she “get the patterns down pat”. Sewing each item to its design specifications while putting her own creative touches on each one can be a challenge -- but it's worth it. 

4. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

A woman with a green thumb, Judy loves to plant flowers in the Spring and turns her patio into a nice sitting area where she can chat with company and watch the flowers grow all season. 

5. How does your work with Unbox the Dress make you feel?

“My finished work makes me feel awesome! It makes me feel content and it’s rewarding because I love what I create,” she said. “My favorite part is taking it back to Grace because she is so encouraging towards me and my wedding dress redesigns. I absolutely adore Grace and am blessed to have found her!

Judy is full of pure talent and we are extremely blessed to have her as a part of our team. We cannot wait to share her work on future wedding dress redesigns!

If you want a special keepsakes made by Judy email us at or call us at 330-203-1256.