Unbox the Dress Month of Love: Love Stories Part 1

Celebrate the Month of Love with Unbox the Dress!

At Unbox the Dress, our heirlooms have either inspired, or have been incorporated in some pretty amazing love stories. Hearing such beautiful stories truly spark a renewed sense of hope. We thought, "Why keep this to ourselves?"

Right now, the world needs all the love it can get. In February, Unbox the Dress is doing our part by spreading messages of love throughout our social media channels. We're delighted to share with you part one of the submissions we graciously received. 

So sit back, enjoy, and be inspired by the beauty of love.

Meet our founder’s inspiration and favorite love story – her grandparents. John (Jack) H Stewart. met Shirley (Lea) A. Bobby on a blind date. They danced the night away at the Meyers Lake Ballroom where they enjoyed big band and swing music for many years to come. They married in 1956 in Canton, OH and went on to raise 3 daughters and had many grandchildren. Their 61-year lifelong marriage was filled with adventure, as Jack and Shirley logged many air miles in their twin-engine Cessna 410 airplane and enjoyed "taking people where they wanted to go." Shirley’s loving nicknamed husband “Captain Jack.” 


"Knowing my daughter didn't want to wear my dress. I hemmed and hawed and said why not. So.... I unboxed my dress (of 33 years)... Little did my daughter know, she was going to wear my dress. I had my dress made into a BEAUTIFUL Robe, satin boxers and garter. I couldn't wait to give it to her. I waited for her bridal shower to give it to her and it was such an emotional moment. My wedding dress was pretty and it deserved to be "unboxed" and shared with someone I LOVE and who better than my DAUGHTER! She was absolutely BEAUTIFUL in it." Patty A. (left)

"We met in 1968 when I was 16 and Dennis was 18. Actually, I picked him up at the grocery store where my mom and I shopped! We went on out first date and were inseparable ever since. We married in 1975 and had 3 amazing children and were then so thrilled to have 4 precious grandkids. Dennis and I had a love for each other that was timeless and we shared that love for 52 years. Dennis passed away in March, 2020. I wasn’t sure if I was going to put up a Christmas tree this year, Dennis always loved Christmas and he wasn’t here to share it with his family. I decided to get a new tree, then I saw the beautiful gifts that could be made from my wedding dress from Unbox the Dress. I had an angel tree topper made which is absolutely gorgeous, as well as angel ornaments. What a beautiful reminder of our incredible love." Gay M. (right)
"I have been very blessed with a husband of 36 years and two very beautiful daughters. My eldest daughter Deanna was planning on getting married December 18, 2020 but the world changed and especially for her. We are both nurses but Deanna works at the bedside in a trauma ICU where she watched many patients pass from Covid19. It took a toll on her emotionally and her friends that are also nurses. The bachelorette party and wedding were cancelled.
I knew she needed something special to remind her of the promise of love that she shares with her finance Ryan and the love we share for her. So I planned her shower and with that came her robe that you made from my wedding dress. Everyone at the shower was in tears and it brought a sense of a promise for her future. In addition, my younger daughter found out she was pregnant. I had a blanket and vest made for my new grandson to wear at the rescheduled wedding." Ardelle B.
"I had a bridal robe made for my daughter out of my wedding gown. It turned out so beautiful. When she opened it at her bridal shower, there wasn’t a dry eye in the group as she opened her gift. I included a special poem that I wrote for her. Also, on the inside lapel of the robe was a heart in a swatch of material from her Grandma’s wedding gown and a charmed photo of her grandparents on their wedding day adorned her bouquet wrap. 
It was a priceless gift. Being able to incorporate generations of love into my daughter's ceremony was extremely special. I am so glad I did this for my her. " Maureen O. (left)

Our amazing Unbox the Dress Customer Care Specialist Courtney, shared the beautiful and bold love story of her grandparents. While serving in World War 2, her grandfather was captivated by a young lady at a military ball. Enjoying her evening, the young lady was the date of another army gentleman. Boldly, but charmingly, he approached her date and said, "You won't be seeing this lady anymore". He knew instantaneously that was his wife. The two did indeed marry and go on to live a life full of love, adventure, and created a wonderful family. (right)

Thank you so much to all of those who submitted love stories. We appreciate your willingness to propel our mission of love at Unbox the Dress! Be on the look out for part two coming later in February. In the meantime, follow our Instagram and Facebook pages (@unboxthedress) for daily inspiration and more love stories during the Month of Love!