Plan the Most Epic Mother Daughter Wedding Kick-Off Night!

Hey Bride-to-be and MOB! This is one of the most special times both of you will be able to experience together. Lives are about to change big-time and the road to "I Do" is full of twists and turns, highlights and potential hiccups to avoid. Lucky for you Bride-to-be, Mom has your back! She has an expert opinion that's done this before.

Our suggestion? Plan a mother-daughter night in to kick off the wedding planning fun!

This night will help make sure you're both on the same page - and will be a fun memory to last a lifetime. 

1. It's Time to Celebrate!

BTB You've found the love of your life and your getting married- Where's the bubbly?!? Enjoy this time and take in all the mom love you can before becoming wifey for lifey! 

MOB You're no stranger to celebrating milestones! Show your lovely lady that although wedding planning can be stressful, it's an opportunity to enjoy the little moments and that everything comes together in the end. 


2. Plan Ahead Before you Said "Yes!" to the Dress

BTB Now we know mom already has front row seats to your wedding dress shopping, but planning ahead is always beneficial. Take this night to research designers, boutiques, and looks that stand out. Also, help mom plan her special look too! Make her feel great by suggesting things that will make her dazzle - while staying true to your vision for the night.

MOB Explore new fashion options and chime in with your daughter on trends. With good communication you can find something that makes you feel special - while always keeping in mind the bride's vision is the #1 priority! 


3. Sweet and Savory. 

BTB Order in to keep things easy, or if you and your Mom love to cook, consider making something together! Brainstorm the type of food you'd like to serve at your wedding - making the menu even more special with dishes that are meaningful to you.  

MOB Mom, you know food is a big part of what stands out at a wedding, so take this time to gently offer you opinion and suggestions. Help your daughter stick with her theme, true food palette, and the budget. Offer to manage the food and drink vendors to take that off her plate! 

4. Let Mom Play DJ. 

BTB and MOB Incorporate a Mommy and Me jam session to get the wedding playlist squared away. Mom, make sure you add the classic favorites and love songs that were played on your special day. Bride to be, also take this as a chance to introduce mom to today's hits that might be played the day of. Nothing bonds like music! Practice your best moves and break in your dancing shoes!

Quick Tip BTB Think about picking a special song from this activity to surprise her with a Mother Daughter dance during the reception. 


5. Source of Inspiration.

BTB and MOB Work together in pulling ideas and resources for the upcoming nuptials. Watch your favorite wedding movies and pull from fashion magazines to create the Ultimate I Do playbook. Not only include photos but add in a timeline for key dates and activities. MOB, hone-in on your keen eye for detail and Bride to be, keep a list on your wedding must-haves. After the initial night, add each other to your Pinterest boards to keep the inspiration flowing and loop each other in digitally. 

6. Relax and Recharge. 

BTB and MOB Let's be honest, wedding planning is A LOT! Don't forget to take aside some time to relax and recharge. Do some at-home mani/pedis or facials during a mother/daughter skincare swap. Take this time to have some girl talk and soak up any advice before walking down the aisle, Bride to be. MOB, give your girl some comfort and assure her she's about to start an amazing next chapter of her life. 

BTB and MOB Quick Tip You might want to include some spa days within you wedding timeline too- if time and budget allows. This can double as your designated quality time and little wedding touch-base!


***Actual Unbox the Dress Amazing Mother/Daughter Duos

7. Make Your Plans for Transform Mom's Dress. 

BTB Work with mom on recreating her wedding dress into something for your special day. Merge your style with the classic design and embellishments from her dress to honor her memories but also make it yours with Unbox the Dress!

MOB Think of the amazing memories in your dress! How special would it be to treat your not-so little girl on her big day?!? Unbox your dress at least 6-8 weeks prior to ensure your pieces make it in time for the wedding!

BTB and MOB Quick Tip Think of creating surprise pieces for each other to reveal the day of the wedding. Have tissues handy as this is sure to be a special moment!  

Photos via Unbox the Dress Real Brides, The Knot, StyleMePretty, and David's Bridal.