How to Make the Bride-to-Be Feel Special During the Pandemic

Here at Unbox the Dress, we thought it would be important to send a special message with ideas and words of encouragement for those navigating the wedding space during COVID-19. We acknowledge that so many brides are facing the pandemic, making such a tender time, usually full of love and excitement, extremely uncertain and sometimes overwhelming. While times are different and call for major adjustments, we are still made hopeful by the pockets of joy we can create.


Brides-to-Be, we see you! The love village that surrounds you will help you get through all of this. You're day will be just as special and amazing as you are! 
Love Village, your role is so important! here are some ways you can support and celebrate the Bride-to-Be in your life.  

Be there... 

Simple Ways You Can Support the Bride-to-Be 

As emotions and obligations run high, we may find it difficult to know exactly how to provide support to the bride-to-be. Simply be there for her. Regularly check-in and affirm that you always have her back. Offer friendly reminders that surviving this will make her day even more special.
The power of a kind message or light-hearted text can be a game changer! 
Peace and tranquility will be of the utmost importance as planning the typical wedding can be be stressful, partner in a global pandemic- this bride will need all the positive energy possible. 
Be a sounding board for her venting and also new ideas about the ceremony and celebration. 
With so many responsibilities surrounding the wedding, it might be helpful to offer to reach out to vendors and guests on her behalf. Keep tabs on new dates, policies, and come with your best solution-based attitude!

Here are some ways we recommend for celebrating safely...

  • Shift your plans to a micro-wedding. This is usually less than 10 of your nearest and dearest family and friends. Doing things at a smaller scale is not only great for effective social distancing and safety but also a budget-friendly option. 
  • Elopement. If you've committed to a specific wedding date that's really important to you, there's always the marry now- party later option. Get married in a party for two and then plan a celebration with everyone when things back to normal!
  • Go Virtual. Technology has been our bestfriend through all of this! Livestreaming your wedding is a great way for everyone to feel included in real-time if they can't be there in person.
  • Consider an Outside Celebration. Take temperatures upon entry, and provide with guests with colored wristbands as a subtle way to indicate their comfort level with physical touch. You can also provide cute masks and hand sanitizer as a topical favor.

Still Celebrate!...

What to do When Plans are Postponed

Although original plans may have been cancelled or postponed, it's still good to acknowledge "should have been dates". There are so many creative ways to safely celebrate and build happy anticipation. 
Champagne and cake- the usual tools of celebration, never hurt anyone!
Get a mini wedding cake and pop some bubby to get the bride in the mood for nuptials. You can also schedule a virtual bachelorette party with interactive games and prizes to spark community and sweet sisterhood. 
What's a wedding without gifts?
Let the bride-to-be know you're thinking about her by sending her a thoughtful gift. Flowers, candy, or even something from Unbox the Dress! Transforming a wedding dress into an heirloom gift continues the love legacy. Knowing that Mom or Grandma's dress was used to make such a sweet addition, softens an unfortunate situation.
She'll be confident that her love story will be just as memorable as the women that came before her! 
Photography courtesy of:
Victoria Walton 
Julia Berolzheimer