Planning Your Daughter's Wedding Shower

Whether your daughter has asked you to be the sole planner of her wedding shower or you are going to collaborate with her maid of honor and bridesmaids, the mere thought of planning such an important event can be overwhelming.  Don’t stress, we are here to help!  The best thing to do when planning a wedding shower is to give yourself plenty of time to plan and make a checklist of to-do’s.  Take a look at our detailed wedding shower timeline to help you get started.

Now that you have created your list of things to do, you will have clear idea of what you need to do and when you need to do it.  Phew!  Now the most fun parts of the planning can begin aka picking out invitations, deciding which cute wedding themed desserts to order, and DIYing/buying décor for the shower.  Don’t forget that it’s okay, and even encouraged, to appoint some of these tasks to the maid or honor and bridesmaids!  Not only can they take some of the to-do’s off your plate but they can also lend a modern viewpoint on wedding shower planning. 


There are so many different design choices for invitations that it can sometimes be hard to narrow down the options and choose just one.  The best thing to remember when choosing wedding shower invitations is to make your choice with the save the date and wedding day invitations in mind.  Keeping all the invitations cohesive will not only make the process faster but will help convey the brides overall wedding theme and style.  Below are some invitation ideas based on popular 2018 wedding themes.

This invitation is perfect for the bride who is having a “bohemian” style wedding.

For the bride who likes to keep it simple, this modern invitation is a good choice.

An invitation with lace and a pretty wrapping works well for brides who like a traditional, classic wedding style.

Glitter and fun prints are great choices for brides having a glitz and glam wedding.


Food & Drink:

Even if you don’t plan to have a full menu at the wedding shower, there should still be some small things for the guest to snack on.  Small appetizers and desserts are practical, easy to order or make, and can be wedding themed if that’s something your bride wants!

Fruit is a party staple. Class it up by putting it on tiered trays.

A cheese tray is always a hit with party guests!  To make it themed, try cutting the cheese into heart shapes (with a cookie cutter) for a new take on a classic party food.

Mini premade salads are cute, classy, and easy to hold and eat while mingling with the guests.

A small treat, like sugar cookies, is essential for a wedding shower. Cookies can be made into so many adorable designs! Order cookies that are wedding themed like these cute champagne bottles or engagement rings.  Guests will love them and they make for cute photos!

Filling beverage dispensers with different drinks saves space and adds style to the wedding shower.

Consider having a bubbly bar at the shower!  A bubbly bar is a mini bar set up with champagne or other alcohol, yummy mixers like different fruit juice, and glasses or champagne flutes.  This allows guests to customize their drinks how they like them and the bar can be set up in so many different ways to match the bride’s style.



The décor is ultimately dependent on the bride’s style.  There are so many places that décor can be purchased but it can also be fun to tap into your creative side and DIY some things.  Start by asking your bride what style she’s into and go from there.  Craft stores are a great place to begin looking, they have ready to buy décor and you will also find everything you need to DIY too.

Style-ize balloons to be wedding shower ready by wrapping tulle (found at the craft store) over top and then tie it up with satin ribbon.

An entrance sign sets the tone at the venue (whether it be your house, a restaurant, or a party hall) to gets the guests excited before they even walk in the doors.

Having the wedding date as a decoration personalizes the shower.

Easily DIYed, a cards and gifts sign is useful for guests and bride.  This ensures there is a designated section for cards and gifts which is great to keep organized.


Planning your daughter's wedding shower doesn't have to be overwhelming!  Take each task step by step and remember to include the bridesmaids for help and so that they feel helpful!  Happy planning!

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