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Why do I need professional quality Wedding Dress Storage Services?

Even if it’s been dry-cleaned, storing your wedding gown at home can cause accelerated aging, discoloration, and damage from moisture, humidity, sunlight and more. Keeping your dress in a basement risks your dress being infested by pests. Not to mention that many of our clients simply don't have the space to properly store their dress.

Does my dress need to be cleaned before Storage?

Yes, but we'll take care of that for you! The $250 first-year fee for Save to Transform service includes our white-glove Prep & Clean service.

What if my dress is already in a sealed dry-cleaner box?

We know taking your dress out of the storage box can be intimidating, but we promise it will be okay. Our waterproof, lockable, and insured DressBox is the most secure way to send us your dress. And it's often more affordable than shipping a large preservation box.

What about my Bridal Veil and accessories?

We love them too! And want nothing more than for your wedding day accessories to remain safe with your wedding dress. We allow up to 5 bridal accessories to be stored with your dress. Consider sending your veil, headpiece, gloves and belt (no shoes please).

Where will my dress be stored?

Your wedding gown will be lovingly stored in our beautiful 24/7 video-secured, cool-tech climate-control Dress Vault here in North Carolina. It is the nation’s leading facility designed to safely store couture gowns, wedding dresses and bridal garments of all types. We'll keep it safe until you're ready to transform or would like us to send it back.

Is my Dress insured?

The safety and security of your wedding gown are always our utmost concern. So, yes! Your gown is insured while it is at our Dress Vault storage facility and when being shipped to us using our DressBox.

What does the Vault storage service cost? What are my payment options?

Year one costs are $250 and includes a one-time Prep & Clean package to ensure your dress is ready for storage. Annual costs decrease to $99 for years 2+, and you'll earn a $25 credit per year to apply to future Unbox the Dress purchases.

What happens to my dress after it arrives at your Studio?

Upon arrival your wedding dress will receive our personal white-glove treatment. Each dress be individually photographed, inventoried and given a full inspection. Your dress will be spot-cleaned and double rinsed with our eco-friendly organic products, and prepped for storage with removable twill straps and minor repair work. Using our archival Museum Method, dresses and accessories are hung in individual muslin garment bags on specialty padded hangers, carefully packed with high-quality acid-free materials tucked in and around your dress to avoid hard creasing.

What is the Before/After Dress Report?

The Dress Report is a customized report that describes the work performed on your gown and the now beautiful condition your dress is in when it enters our secure Dress Vault.

What if I want to redesign my dress someday?

Transitioning your dress from our Save the Dress program when you're ready to redesign is easy. Take our quiz to discover what you can have made from your dress, and add your favorite products to your Design Plan. Then simply contact your Save to Tranform representative to move your dress from the Vault to our studio!

What are Loyalty Points?

For each year your dress is safely protected in our Dress Vault you’ll earn a $25 credit toward a future wedding dress redesign.

What if I decide to cancel or I want my dress back?

You can have your dress returned to you for the cost of shipping and handling. Contact us at support@unboxthedress.com to cancel your services.

I still have questions. Who can I call?

If you need more support, you can reach us directly at 336-979-3666.

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