Plan a Newborn Photo Shoot that’s Extra-Special


You’ve decorated the nursery in soft pastels and added a special chair where you’ll rock baby to sleep. You’ve stocked up on diapers, bottles, binkies and little onesies in preparation for his or her arrival. The last few weeks seem to crawl by as Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, family and friends all wait for the big day. Then – all of sudden – baby arrives! And your lives are instantly changed and filled with joy.

You know instinctively that time is now kicking in to gear – as the little one seems to grow before your eyes. That’s why the newborn photo shoot is so important! It’s your chance to capture these fleeting moments and share the news of this new little life with the world.

With something so fun and important at hand – you ask yourself an important question. What will baby wear?

For a newborn photo shoot outfit that’s extra-special, moms can now create an outfit for baby made from her wedding dress. What better way to signify the evolution of your marriage then to unbox your dress and create something special for your little loved one?

For the momma not quite ready to give her wedding gown a makeover – it’s possible to create an even more sentimental family heirloom with an outfit made from grandma’s vintage dress. After all, if her dress is sitting in a box in a closet somewhere, no one can appreciate it for its timeless beauty!

Here are a few outfit ideas for your newborn photo shoot:

For the Boys: Keep it simple with a classy little bowtie and diaper-cover made from the satin or lining of mom’s dress. You can also create a pocket-square for him to lay on and wear when he’s order- perhaps on the day he ties the knot.

For the Girls: The tiny, lacy too cute tutu made from mom’s gown is sure to melt hearts. Complete the look with an oversized matching headband and ruffle-bum panty to keep it classy.

Newborn Photo Shoot

Tip: These items won’t take up too much fabric, so you could lay the little on one the remaining bodice of the dress for a photo that’s worth a thousand words.

Also, if this baby has a big brother or big sister, you can make a special something for them for a photo that will really melt hearts.

You know your little one will grow faster than you can wrap your arms around. So when baby is tiny, capture the precious moment with an outfit that’s especially meaningful. The photo (and the outfit) will be a keepsake that’s cherished forever.