Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

We all want love and happiness for our daughter’s futures. Perhaps that’s why traditions like the “Something Old, Something New” rhyme have stuck around so for long! Even with all of today’s modern wedding trends, the brides we work with still like following the prompts of this Old English rhyme.

“Something Olde, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue. & A Sixpence in your Shoe!”

Below we’ve compiled fresh ways to help your bride-to-be follow this classic rhyme! Some suggestions may even spark fun ideas for creative and sentimental wedding shower gifts.

Something New: Optimism

This one is easy! Almost all modern brides end up buying a new wedding dress. Why? There are just so many fun choices and the only rule today is, “anything goes!” From bridal jumpsuits to blue skirts to jewel-encrusted chest pieces, bridal styles today are all about self-expression and creativity. That’s why many brides opt not to wear Mom’s dress. (But don’t worry Moms, she’ll still want it for something else. Read on!)

Tyler Rye Photography

Enjoy going shopping with your daughter and try to be supportive as possible. Go out to lunch, bring some bubbly to the bridal salon and make a day of it! Try to keep the atmosphere lighthearted and joyful; your bride may be experiencing a wide range of emotions as she looks for the perfect dress. You can best help her by being a supportive, good listener.

Something Borrowed: Happiness

Borrow a pair of earrings from a friend, a pretty broach from a special grandmother to pin to the bride’s bouquet, or the veil of a sister who has already made the walk down the aisle! This part of the poem is very easy to accomplish with a little help from friends.

Something Old: Continuity

Here’s where your dress has its moment to shine!   Repurpose the mother of the bride’s wedding dress into an heirloom gift for the bride to either wear or carry with her on her wedding day.

The I Do Getting Ready Robe and the Kathleen Robe are amazing choices and make for stunning photos on the morning of the big day. Another option is a bouquet wrap made from mom’s dress.  Walking down the aisle holding a part of the dress that mom wore as she walked down the aisle bind the two of you together in a highly personal way. It’s been one of our most popular designs!

A robe made from Mom's Dress via Unbox the Dress.  

Something Blue: Purity, love & fidelity

Just a little touch will do! Even if her wedding colors aren’t blue, a bride can check this off her list with just a hint of blue in her hairclip, or her zipper-pull. More free spirited brides may choose to go for a light blue manicure, or surprise guests with a gorgeous blue heal under a more traditional white dress.

If your daughter is planning wearing/tossing a garter, Unbox the Dress can make a pair of garters out of mom’s wedding dress fabric!  As a popular request from our past clients, we can now add blue beading to the garters as well.

Sixpence in your Shoe: Wish for good fortune

While this remains a more of a popular custom in Britain, brides have taken a modern twist on this part of the poem by slipping a shiny penny in their shoe or incorporating one as a part of a delicate DIY pin, like the one pictured below.

With so many different options for a wedding dress re-design, every bride can make something old into something new with Unbox the Dress. To start your wedding dress redesign and find your something new, click here.