Including Grandparents in the Wedding Festivities

Every bride wants her grandparents included on her special day!

Everyone wants to make sure the bride and groom’s grandparents can enjoy seeing the grandchildren they have loved for years get married and begin a new chapter of their own.

MOBs’ in-the-know know that planning ahead for grandma and grandpa to be a part of wedding festivities (in ways that work for them) is important, as is accommodating all elderly guests attending that day.

If you can, consider asking a family friend to help your parents so you can fully enjoy being MOB on the big day.  

Use our handy GMA & GPA Check List to make the day wonderful for everyone!

The Basics

  • Decide in advance which wedding events and bridal showers both sets of grandparents are able to attend.
  • Think about seating in advance at each event - preferably near family, near the front, and near restrooms!
  • Plan for meal requests and dietary considerations in advance
  • Plan timing of any medications to be taken in advance or on schedule
  • Plan transportation to and from events, with possible earlier departure for grandparents who tire easily after activity of a big day

Feeling Special 

  • Suggest their wedding day clothing choices with color and comfort in mind
  • Don’t forget to include grandmas and grandpas on the flower list for corsages and boutonnieres
  • Decide whether they participate in the processional down the aisle, or are escorted to their seats early ahead of other guests. That is, unless they're up for participating in 2018's funniest wedding trend and replacing the flower girl and ring bearer! 
  • Include their relationship to the bride and groom in printed programs or post wedding announcements
  • Decide whether grandma and grandpa are up for receiving line duties, or need a seat instead

Make the Most of the Moment

  • Help grandparents with thoughtful and affordable gift selection. Ideas include passing down a special item from their own pretty collections, or in grandma's case, working with her to redesign her wedding dress into a surprise gift for the bride! The project below features a Ring Bearer Pillow and Getting Ready Bridal Robe with combined lace and satin elements from two generations of family wedding gowns.
  • Take photos with bride, groom and their grandparents early, and escort them to reception seating in advance of other guests. Check out the cute candids below for inspiration! 
  • Encourage the bride and groom to acknowledge grandparents in attendance at the wedding with a hug, or flower, as part of the wedding ceremony. 
  • Make sure to ask their opinions and preferences for the big day~ they know themselves and what they are up for better than anyone!

Honoring Those Who Have Passed

Some brides may be feeling emotional if a grandparent or family member could not be present on their wedding day. Honoring those who are "attending from heaven" can help by keeping positive thoughts of those special family members close. Create a memory display with photos of those special family members - wedding photos make a special touch as well!  A Bouquet Wrap made from a family wedding dress can literally accompany the bride down the aisle - and we love the idea of personalizing the wrap even further with a photo bouquet charm

Happy Planning!