Kelsey & Cody: A Real Wedding Story

In the midst of a global pandemic, love still prevails. On June 6th, 2020 Kelsey Peters and Cody Abramson said “I do” in a backyard wedding at the Abramson family residence.

The bride and groom wanted their wedding to feel peaceful and romantic. They created a lush, natural vibe by incorporating white and green elements with a hint of silvery purple. The bride, Kelsey, looked stunning in a strapless mermaid style wedding dress, beautifully embellished with lace. 

Kelsey’s aunt Catherine had a few special gifts made for the bride from her handmade wedding dress. The antique wedding dress was a labor of love as Catherine’s mother hand-beaded and sewed the dress. Years later, Catherine worked with Unbox the Dress to create some heirloom items so that family members like Kelsey could continue to enjoy the wedding dress in a new way. Talking with us about her gifts, Kelsey said,

“My Aunt Cathy sent in her beautiful wedding dress, and I was lucky enough to have my garter, a ringer bearer pillow, and a flower bouquet holder made out of the lace and fabric of her dress...I was so excited and touched by the gesture. I absolutely loved the idea that I would be carrying a piece of her wedding with me on my big day.” 

We also asked Kelsey if she had any words of wisdom for those recently engaged! She gave this advice:

“Do not stress about the little things. I spent two years planning my dream wedding, and a pandemic hits. I used to think what color the napkins were mattered, or worry about small matters...but we still had the same excitement and joy about the thought of getting married on our special date, we knew the only thing that mattered was us saying ‘I Do’.” 

Even though the day wasn’t what she pictured two years ago, the excitement of walking down the aisle and seeing Cody’s face was still such a joyful moment and the reception was filled with “smiles and laughter”! 


Kelsey “would definitely recommend Unbox the Dress” due to its sentimental value and meaning! 

“It is truly special to have something from a loved one on your wedding day. A piece of another happy marriage with you while you marry the one you love. What a wonderful idea!” 


Our team at Unbox the Dress is so thankful to have been able to make these sentimental items for Kelsey’s wedding day. If you are reading this and are wondering how to incorporate a family wedding dress into your big day we recommend reaching out to our team. We would love to hear the stories behind your family wedding dress and help you get started with your redesign!

Photos by Jack Sieleman Photography provided by Kelsey Peters