7 Ways to Incorporate Mom (or Grandma’s) Dress into Your Wedding Day!

Wedding dresses, symbolizing a forever love, hold much emotional and sentimental value. Incorporating family dresses from mom, grandma, or a special aunt into the big days adds a wonderful touch of family history and love.

If you are reading this article, you may be a bride-to-be who is wondering how to honor your mother on your wedding day. Maybe you are an M-o-B that has saved your wedding dress for your daughter, but now laugh that you haven’t taken your dress out of the box once in decades! For either case, here are 7 meaningful ways to incorporate a family wedding dress into the wedding day.

1. Wear the Dress! Just in a Different Way.

Yes, we know what you're thinking. "But I can’t possibly fit into that dress! It’s a completely different size than I am... plus I want to pick out my own dress!” We absolutely want you to do that! But, there is also a great way to wear the family wedding dress in a modified way - as your bridal robe! The I Do Wedding Day Robe will make you feel like a bride every step of the day as it can be made fully from your mom’s dress and be beautifully trimmed with her lace. Plus, we guarantee you will love the photos of you getting ready the morning-of in your robe!

2. Carry the Dress Down the Aisle with You

Another great way to incorporate mom’s dress into your wedding day look is by taking a bit of it down the aisle with you. With our Something New Made for You Bridal Veils, we can either modify an existing veil or create a new veil style and trim the edge with mom or grandma’s lace.

Wrapping your bouquet with a special detail from the wedding dress, like the sleeve, is also a great option. The Beautiful Bouquet Wrap perfectly catches some of the best details from mom’s wedding dress like a lace cuff and buttons. The wrap has an adjustable lace-up back, making it perfect for any bouquet size. 


3. Add Some Decor to the Venue or Your Sweetheart Table

If you are planning on having a smaller cake and placing it on a stand, a Cake Skirt, beautifully embellished with lace from mom’s wedding dress will add a lovely detail to the table. You could also have a Lace Table Runner made and use it as a decoration on your sweetheart table. The great thing about both designs is they make beautiful home decor after the big day! 

4. Accessorize!

The bride will probably want to carry a few emergency items on the wedding day so why not make the bag lovely worthy of the day. A Bridal Clutch is the perfect option - and comes in two styles. Clutches can hold those essentials like lipstick, oil blotting wipes, some band-aids, and a perfume roller. M-o-B, you may even want one to match so that you can keep it as a memento for yourself! 

It may be that the bride doesn't want a wedding veil, or is planning on wearing a veil for the ceremony and taking it out for the reception. Having a Lace Comb made as a small detail to put in her hair for the reception is an easy choice. It’s the little details that make all the difference.

5. Dress the Little Ones Walking Down the Aisle in Style

If the little one tossing the flower petals down the aisle or caring the ring bearer pillow is a member of the family, you can consider having a Flower Girl Dress or Vest made for them. These are great items to continue to pass down to all the new babies and children in the family. The Ring Bearer Pillow can also be made from mom or grandma’s dress in multiple sizes and even in a heart shape if desired. 

6. Remember the Men

Don't forget about the men in the family or the future hubby! They will definitely appreciate a handmade Pocket Square or Bowtie. A touch of lace on the pocket square could set the groom apart from his bridal party - or custom monogram might be the perfect option!

7. Get Something to Catch all the Happy Tears

Without fail, there will be tears of joy on the big day. Women’s Hankies made from a family dress are the perfect accessory for the M-o-B and the Bride to slip into a pocket or clutch. Beautifully embellished with lace, they will hold all the happy memories of the wedding day for years to come!

Interested in many of these ideas? The great news is that you can usually create many of these items from the same dress! Take Our Quiz to get an estimate of how much fabric and embellishments you have and we will help you select the products to be made from your dress based on the results.