How Do We Design a “Getting Ready” Bridal Robe?

Since the launch of Unbox the Dress, our Getting Ready Bridal Robe has been one of our most popular design options for a wedding dress makeover.

And it’s easy to see why! Today, modern brides love to have the photographer capture ALL of their wedding day, including when they get their hair and makeup done surrounded by their bridal party. When capturing those dreamy beauty-shots before the hub-bub begins, what’s more beautiful to wear than a bridal robe made from the lace and satin of mom’s dress?

The finished product is always unique --- but how does our design process work? How does a wedding gown become a fresh and pretty robe? This article will take you behind the scenes while we create a bridal robe for Jamie from her mother Nancy’s gown.

Nacy and Jamie

Step 1: Assess the Dress!

First, we thoroughly study and photograph the original gown. We make sure to note unique features, areas of damage and the different types of lace, fabrics and embellishments we have to work with. This is when we decide if we need to supplement the design with any new fabric like a fresh lining, or if we’re good to go!

Getting Ready Bridal Robe

Step 2: Disassembly

It’s always a little scary the first moment you take a pair of scissors or seam ripper to a gown. But soon our designers are able to appreciate different elements of a dress – like this lace layer from Nancy’s gown that eventually became the sleeves of the robe. This is when we divvy up embellishments and fabric for the different products a client is having made.

How to Design a Bridal Robe

Step 3: Putting the puzzle together

Now it’s play time! Designers cut the main pattern pieces out of fabric like chiffon, lining or satin, and start to apply and build lace trim and embellishments around the sleeves, hemline and collar. This is where a getting ready bridal robe is personalized and our designers try to bring back the unique qualities of the original gown. Here’s where we can also accommodate special client requests – like when one client asked us to create a less-traditional bell-shaped, flowing sleeve.

Step 4: Sew, sew, sew

From hiding seams, attaching trim and hand-sewing lace, SO much care and love goes in to each one of our robes. We keep all the extra lace so our clients can potentially make other keepsakes like a bouquet wrap, ring bearer pillow, purse or guardian angel.

Getting Ready Bridal Robe

In my opinion, the best part of our getting ready bridal robe is that it’s something the bride can cherish and wear long after the wedding day is done. It’s a special piece of her mother that she can keep forever, and maybe even pass on to her daughter.

Still have questions about our process? Check out our FAQs or contact us to learn more.