Founded in 2016, Unbox the Dress® is the first online service that allows both the modern matriarch or new bride to care for, store, and plan to transform their original wedding dress into family heirlooms and gifts for loved ones when the time is right.

Save the Dress™

Is our custom-designed service that provides museum-quality storage and wedding gown preservation.

Unbox the Dress®

Allows women to transform their wedding dress into more than 30 different heirloom products to give to their family.

Unbox the Dress®

Is possible because of our talented, hard-working and inspiring Graceful Sewers™. These expert designers will transform gowns to gifts in ways that are breath-taking. I am grateful to work with them as we build this business together!

Grace Rojek Founder, CEO

Italian Trulli

Italian Trulli
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