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Professional Wedding Dress Storage Services

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How it works

Your dress awaits its future — safe, secure & fully protected

We are honored to provide safe-keeping for thousands of our customers’ wedding dress and bridal garments until they are ready to redesign, gift or wear their dress again — see how quick and easy it is to get started.

How it works


Select Your Package

Pick the storage service that best meets your needs, and if your dress requires some TLC, add our Care & Repair service.


Free Shipping

Take your provided QR code to any FedEx to ship your dress to the Unbox Studio. It’s safe, easy and completely free!


Dress Check-In

Your dress arrives at our North Carolina studio where is it is individually photographed, inventoried & inspected.


Care & Repair

Your dress fabrics, buttons, lace and closures are cleaned, repaired & secured, hand-sewn by our Graceful Sewers™.


Prep & Vault Storage

Your dress receives its own breathable Guardian Garment™ bag and is placed in our state-of-the-art Professional Vault storage.


Condition Report

We email you your Dress Condition Report, and you enjoy peace of mind knowing your dress is safe and secure.

Ready to get started?

Select your package

Avoid Problems with At-Home Dress Storage

Avoid yellowing

We love yellow, but not for your dress

Plastic material, including boxes, trap air and turns fabric and embellishments yellow.

Remove humidity & creasing

We love crisp folds, but your wedding dress needs room to breathe

Stuffed in a box? Folding your beautiful dress hard sets creases and weakens fabric.

Safely remove stains

We love a good rosé, but your dress doesn't

Some stains like perspiration appear over time, even if the dress has been dry cleaned.

Protect your dress from damage

We love organized spaces, but your dress needs special care

At-home storage risks damage to fabric from light, temperature change, humidity and pesty insects.
Our Dress Vault
At Home Storage

Prevents yellowing


Prevents deep creasing


Climate controlled


Insect & mold proof


24/7 video surveillance


Prepped for redesign


Our Vow

We promise to honor and cherish your wedding dress every day in every way, protecting and keeping it safe for you and your family. We promise to help you redesign your dress or return it to you whenever you’d like.

Save The Dress

Our Vault

There is no better place on earth to store your cherished wedding dress than our climate-controlled, museum-quality Storage Vault with 24/7 video surveillance.

Yet to Clean Your Dress? Try Our Clean & Repair Service

Before your dress enters the Vault, it should be cleaned and at its best!

What's included:

  • Modern Method Eco-Friendly Bridal Drycleaning
  • The White Glove spot-treatment
  • Expert Sewing & Tear-Repair Service

One Time Cleaning Fee

+$ 125

Ongoing Dress Vault Fee

$ 15 /mo
Best value
$ 165 /yr
For each year your dress is safely protected in our Dress Vault you’ll earn $25 toward a future redesign!

Save the Dress Clients Earn Credits Towards Redesign

What Will You Have Made With Your Wedding Dress?
Save The Dress

Want to Save the Dress but have some Questions? Check out our FAQs!

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