• The Green Wedding Choice

    The Green Wedding Choice
    Under all of the lace, satin, and ruffles of our business is an underlying passion for sustainability.  Wedding dresses are often worn for a single occasion and then placed in a box for storage for decades. And most modern brides want the chance to express their individual style by selecting their own wedding dress.  Every day we hear from M-o-B’s who have kept their...
  • Green is the new White: Sustainability for Weddings

    Green is the new White: Sustainability for Weddings
    Sustainability has been a growing movement for not just the fashion industry but has spread to weddings. The Wedding Academy Global’s International Wedding Trend Report 2019 declares sustainability as one of the top trends for this year. The trend called "Creative Conscious" means being creative in planning your wedding within the confines of remaining environmentally responsible. Mother Earth News So much attention goes towards the planning...
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