Photographing Your Big Day: Bridal Robe Photo Ideas

Your wedding day is a day that you’ll want to remember forever - which is why we go crazy over wedding day pictures!

Today, photographing your big day doesn’t just include the ceremony. Modern brides like to capture every moment of the special day from the moment they get out of bed until the moment they leave the reception with their new hubby.  And why not when you’ve put so much love into the planning and the day is sure to fly by?

One element of the day worth capturing is the process of getting ready. You and your bridesmaids will love to look back on these photos and remember this exciting yet intimate time!  Typically, the photos end up being more relaxed and natural then the other aspects of the day like the traditional family photos.

Considering you’ll want to capture this process, it’s important to consider what you’ll want to wear on the morning of your big day! It may seem like an extra decision, but really it’s an opportunity to feel special and feminine – setting the tone for the day.  Wearing a bridal robe for your hair and makeup sessions is both practical and beautiful. 

Below are some bridal robe photo ideas that show how to best capture your robe while getting ready to walk down the aisle. 


A photo of the bride in her robe holding her bouquet is very sentimental.  This photo can be made even more special if the bouquet wrap is made from pieces of the dress mom wore on her wedding day like the one pictured below.  Unbox The Dress can create a one of a kind bouquet wrap for your wedding day.  Get started here.



A close-up photo of the bride in the robe captures all the pretty details.


This fun photo captures the bride and her bridesmaids popping the bubbly while getting ready for her new hubby!  This photo is a must for you and your girls.

A photo of the bride in her robe holding her wedding dress is just beautiful.  This photo showcases both amazing garments at once and captures the excitement of the bride to be.


Taking a photo with your mom while both in robes will be a photo you will both cherish for a lifetime.  This photo shows the amazing bond between mother and daughter. 


To make this photo extra sentimental, you can redesign your bridal robe from you’re your mom’s original wedding dress. Not only is this a great way to honor mom on your big day - but having a robe with pieces of the dress she wore on her wedding will make you feel connected.  To get started with the sentimental wedding dress redesign, click here.