7 Ways to Include Mom's Wedding Dress on Your Big Day

Include Mom's Dress

Shopping for a wedding dress is like an event of its own. Modern brides love to gather their trusted entourage, travel to a ladylike boutique and pop the bubbly as they search for “the one”.

Today’s brides want to find a dress that’s true to their personal style – a fun challenge with so many design options in market. But that often leaves one lovely, sentimental option untouched. What about the mother’s wedding gown?

Yes, those 80s-style poufy sleeves may not fit current trends. And the chances that mom’s proportions and body type perfectly match her daughter  is slim to none. Still, many brides hope to include Mom’s Dress as a way to honor her on their special day.

This very idea inspired my mother and I to create Unbox the Dress – a way to transform vintage wedding gowns into a collection of new keepsakes and heirloom gifts. And it’s the perfect way for young brides to have their “say yes to the dress” moment, while still finding a way to include mom’s dress on the day they say “I do”.

Here are 7 ideas for how to include mom’s dress on the big day:

  1. Wrap up in a Bridal Belt or Sash: Pick a modern gown that’s perfectly you in terms of style and shape – but accent your waste with a sash or belt that’s hand-crafted from the loveliest embellishments of your mother’s gown.
  2. Create a one-of-a-kind Veil: Why not add the finishing touch to your look with a veil that’s created from mom’s lace? You can carry a piece of her with you as you make that walk down the aisle.
  3. Design a special robe for wedding day prep: Everyone loves those wedding-day prep pictures. Instead of buying a simple, white stain robe, you can now create one from the train or mom or grandma’s gown dress. You’ll be able to cherish it for years to come!
  4. Turn Your Flower Girl into a mini bride: The tulle and satin of a vintage gown is perfect for creating a mini-bride look for the littlest member of your wedding party.
  5. Wrap up your flowers or carry your rings: Bridal bouquet wraps and ring bearer pillows become more than accessories when they’re handmade from vintage lace. Plus you can pass them on to your sister, niece or future daughter.
  6. Warm up with a Bridal Wrap you’ll keep past the wedding: Stay warm at your reception with a delicate wrap made from the prettiest pieces of mom’s original dress.
  7. Don’t forget the gentlemen! Pocket squares for the gents are an easy way to make the boys feel included. (And don’t forget to get one for the FOB!)

Vintage dresses typically have enough gorgeous embellishments and quality fabric to make a whole collection of keepsakes, rather than just one from this list. You can even plan to make a keepsake pillow or wrap for mom to keep and put on display.

Wedding dress styles may change – but the symbolism behind them does not. They’re designed to make a bride feel honored and cherished, the way a woman deserves to feel every day.

See examples of these ideas and more ways to include mom’s dress at Unboxthedress.com!