Your Design Options

Here's How to Design Your Own Collection of Products

aka Build-Your-Bouquet !

Your Bouquet

As you shop, you'll notice one of two icons in the description of each product. 
These icons relate to required amount of dress fabric/embellishments. 

One large project uses about the same amount of fabric as 3-4 smaller projects.

The Build Your Bouquet system is designed to help you have confidence in deciding what special items to have custom-made from your gown. Here's a general suggestion: 

Mix Example Order
2 Large Projects Bridal Robe & Christening Gown
1 Large, 3 Small Bridal Robe, Sash, Pocket Squares & Bouquet Wrap
6 Small Projects Sash, 2 Wraps, Pocket Squares, Bouquet Wrap & Clutch


Ordering Tips: 

  • If your own dress has a long train, you can typically make more than the above!
  • During your Design Consultation, our Graceful Sewers will let you know if you have selected too many products, or if you'll have an abundance of extra fabric.
  • We can make more projects than the suggested quantity above by supplementing your selection a bit of new material (like satin) for an additional cost.
  • One dress can become a Collection of 4-5 Prettiest Pillows. 

If you have more questions visit our FAQ page or contact us!