Inspired 2019 Holiday Gifts made from Your Wedding Dress

What’s the most memorable Christmas gift you’ve ever received? Chances are it was something you wanted as a child -  hoping for weeks that Santa would read your hand-written letter carefully and get it just right.

Giving such meaningful gifts to our adult loved ones can be more challenging. Holiday planning seems to start from the time the leaves turn!  Pressure builds and it feels like our gifting can become more about checking a name off a list than finding that memorable, perfect gift; the one to touch our hearts, create delight and be cherished for years to come! 

For Christmas gifting-giving experiences that will be remembered forever, consider re-purposing your original wedding dress this year and having it made into special, one of a kind heirloom quality gifts. It's easy to grab your dress from the closet, or dust off that old wedding dress preservation chest, and have professional wedding dress re-designers turning the volumes of dress fabric and lace into beautiful, keepsake gifts family members will love!

The Graceful Sewers™ at Unbox the Dress (Northeast Ohio) spend everyday artfully turning vintage wedding gowns into special heirloom gifts. Many customers redesign their wedding dress to celebrate a wedding in the family or the arrival of a grandchild. But as the weather turns chilly, the holiday season brings new inspiration to repurpose your wedding dress into special gifts. 

“One of our favorite redesign projects was for a customer who decided to repurpose her wedding dress from the 1980's into an entire collection of our Guardian Angel Christmas Tree ornaments,” said Unbox the Dress Founder Grace Rojek. “We were able to make 20 darling angels from her dress - each one very special, and a little unique. She hung all of the lace and satin angels on her tree and planned to give one to each of her children and grandchildren on Christmas morning. It was so special.”

Since then, many clients have been inspired to turn their entire gowns into the popular 5” tall Guardian Angel Ornaments. They are perfect for women who want to gift something unique and personal to their adult children. Others do it to commemorate a parent of their own who has passed on. 

“It’s a beautiful way to honor someone’s memory,” said Rojek. “For years to come, as each family trims their own Christmas tree, they’ll be able to think of the special grand-mother or family member and the love story behind that ornament.”

Unbox the Dress offers other Holiday product designs including Christmas Stockings. The lace, satin and pearl embellishments found on older wedding gowns enable customers to create their own heirloom Holiday Stockings that are both dressy and timeless.

Holiday gifting ideas include many one of kind items loved ones will cherish forever. Other popular gifts for women include the Clutch Purses, the Something Old Made New Wrap, Decorative Pillows, Hankies and lovely Lace Table Runners. And there’s options for men's gifts too! Including neckties, bowties and pocket squares. All items can be embroidered with monograms or special dates. 


For Holiday Gifting in 2019, less is more. Sentimental, special projects that honor love stories and loved ones speak to the reason for the season. Surprise and delight your family members with the gift and the story that will connect generations in the most meaningful ways. 

The family history that’s woven into the beautiful fabric of a wedding dress makes it a garment worth re-purposing and re-gifting. (After all, no wedding dress belongs in a landfill!) The time and effort to redesign a wedding dress into gifts that can be appreciated for years to come is sure to bring warm, fuzzy feelings to family members of all ages.

According to the Unbox the Dress team, to ensure custom-designed product delivery for Christmas 2019, new orders must be placed by Oct. 28th.

Holiday gift certificates for wedding dress redesign (sent with with our complimentary Graceful Angel) are available for purchase through December.

So unpack seasonal decorations and your older wedding dress. Put put on some Christmas classics to get in the mood, and get a head start on your most thoughtful and inspired holiday shopping!

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